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Media Use Journal

1. Using Audacity seemed easy at first, but the more effects I tried to use the more I became confused. I realized it is very hard to edit songs and commercials. This project made me understand (on a basic level) what it takes to create commercials and radio segments. After viewing multiple tutorials on youtube, I began to understand how to make the sound more clear and how to cut and move certain parts of the speech. I also learned how to use layers of different sounds of all different lengths to add more substance to the segment. I hope to understand Audacity more in the future.

2. I love using! It started as a great outlet to figure out my passions and if I ever wanted to start a blog, I would want it to be a fashion related blog. It is very important in any industry in today’s world to understand and know how to work social media. I had no idea ever existed before this Media and Technology class. Final cut pro, audacity,, and vimeo never came up in any of my other classes. I’m very glad I took this class to know the basics of a few new resources that I could use in marketing one day.

3.When I started using Final Cut Pro, I found it to be very familiar. I wasn’t sure what it was like but it is very easy to get used to. I like how there are a lot of different little techniques to get it to flow more. An example of this would be how the pictures and the music could align. Final Cut Pro is a hard project to keep up with though. I cannot find it at the tec center so I mainly had to work on it during class time. Hopefully I will figure this out soon because my  project needs a lot of editing!

4. I find that I am having a difficult time figuring out how to upload my video I made for my website. I saved it on my computer as a ‘imovie’ but it wont upload anywhere! This is very frustrating! Vimeo seems like a great website and is very easy to use, but it does not seem to like my video I created. I’ll have to ask my professor what I am doing wrong. I also need to come up with a story line for my final project. There are so many interesting pictures but I don’t know what my story line is going to be yet. After viewing the projects in class from the last semester, I think the most fun one would be the “love triangle”.

5. After putting together the “love triangle” video, I felt very accomplished! It was not too difficult to finish on final cut pro but it was difficult to upload to vimeo. For some reason, I had to put it on a flash drive and upload my video to a different computer and it magically happened! My friend did all my voices for my video and it was so funny. For some reason I can’t record my voice on audacity. I think my voice sounds weird on it and I become to critical.

6. Photoshop was my favorite tool to play around with. I wish we had longer to work with it because I think its very essential to know how to use photoshop in the real world. Most jobs actually have knowledge photoshop requirement.


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